The Zenith Gazette Club

Club Benefits (new benefits will be added all the time)

  • All business owners who want to build close knit business connections & get advice not only from members but guest experts as well.
  • The Zenith Gazette will publish a monthly gazette (GDPR compliant) and subscribers of this group will have the opportunity to showcase their businesses – in line with group rules.
  • In addition, all members will have the opportunity to book Business Breakdown sessions at a 30% discount whenever they feel they need strategic insight. I will post the link in comments of how you can join if you wish to.
  • Four times a year, we will also meet at unconventional locations such as parks, museums, theatres to get to know one another even better.
  • Also included will be a ‘Movie club’ and members will vote on the movie they wish to see

Monthly Subscription £48

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