Rock Your Revenue – Revenue Rescue Masterclass

Back for the last time this year due to popular demand!

Decision Makers, are you ready to stop flirting and waltzing with the growth of your business? Then this is your chance to get your dancing shoes on and do the shimmy, the twist, the tango, rumba & so much more! Clear your diary and get ready to “ROCK YOUR REVENUE”! Bring your business to the dance floor and feel it COME ALIVE!

We’re into month 7 of 2017 and have four months left for real business activity. You do the maths.

If you’re not on target to hit your annual financial forecast NOW is the time to ACT & do something about it. Business owners struggle with achieving their financial forecasts as their business model is not in line with their expectations.

In this masterclass attendees will walk away with a plan for improving their business models and Revenue Rescue will start on the day! It’s not just a sit & be lectured masterclass.

Attendees are being accepted with the following criteria:

1 – Truly be facing a challenge in growing their revenue

2 – Have the fire in the belly to make things happen

So if you want to revenue rescue 2017, then don’t miss this final chance and attend the Rock Your Revenue Masterclass on 1st July. Learn techniques & strategies and get implementing on the day!

Presentations will be delivered by:

Aisha Ejaz and Andi Dollia

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